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Internationally known Artist and Poet, Christopher "ORAced" DeCaro, would like to introduce you to a colorfully unique & narrative world filled with life, love, beauty, hope, laughter, triumph, passion, friendship and more. In this world, everyday
is A Perfect Day for Poetry and Art.




You begin your journey by floating on a gondola through the canals of Venice, Italy with "Poetry in Venice". Experience Venice's majestic old world beauty and romantic poetry that inspires all to fall in love again and again.

Then, take time to enjoy the wonders of relationships, family, friendship, love and thankfulness with "The Poetry of Life and Love."

The next chapter, "Poetry off the Beaten Path", offers you a playful detour into a whimsical alternate universe of the unknown. These poems will tap into the
deepest level of your subconscious and make poetry fun.

And finally, a chapter guaranteed to quicken your heart's pace and light the fire of desire in your soul, "Love Letters Forever." Enjoy romantic heartfelt poetry and drawings from DeCaro's early years.   Arrivederci! "

"Welcome and thank you for allowing  your mind a moment of solitude and  tranquility. I hope you enjoy! "  DeCaro

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