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Help! Do you Know Where I put my Brain Today?




Living in beautiful Southern California, Christopher “ORAced” DeCaro, has been daydreaming his whole life. He started his creative journey as a professional Artist & Painter but has since evolved into a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator after the birth of his two kids, Davin and Evan.


He loves to build imaginary colorful worlds filled with unique whimsical characters whose sole purpose is to bring a smile to every child’s face, often through playful life events or delightfully gross situations & stories.


Through his silly text and funny illustrations, he wants children to connect with their emotions, encourage them to feel proud of who they are and most importantly, have fun and laugh-out-loud.


“Children are the greatest inspiration to me because of their never-ending imagination, contagious optimism, unfiltered sense of humor and incredible ability to live right in the moment. We sometimes lose these understandings when we get older.” DeCaro

Help! Do you Know Where I put my Brain Today?

Christopher “ORAced” DeCaro has now created his first debut author/illustrated picture book entitled; “Help! Do you know where I put my Brain today?” This exciting children’s poetry book is filled with twenty-six unique tongue-twisting tales of adventure with some surprising off-the-wall delightfully gross stories sprinkled with a loony, zany, really silly, often frilly, cast of characters.


According to the author’s description,

“The book is like a modern-day Dr. Seuss only if...

it was written by his whimsical child with a mischievous sense

of humor who rode his skateboard off of Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

This book offers stories that help children learn and grow. Stories on how to eat a delicious mealworm sundae or who might enjoy some slimy salamander toast. What happens when you sneeze and slime your t-shirt sleeve. How about when you pull a sticky bandage off too soon or how the world isn’t coming to an end, just because you bit your tongue. These are pressing topics that all kids need to know!


This book also asks the important questions like who am I?

Am I a quacking duck or a runaway truck? Or why should people roll instead of walk? Or most importantly, why we should dedicate a song to ketchup and ping pong. And lastly but most seriously...why you should never get advice from a potato standing on top of a tomato who plays the most mellow yellow marshmallow cello. Trust me on this one.

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