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Christopher "ORAced" DeCaro



Artist: DeCaro / Bio / Background:

What is Art? "Art is anything, to anyone, at any time, for whatever reason," said professional Artist and Poet; Christopher "ORAced" DeCaro. A self-taught Southern California painter, DeCaro, has paintings hanging in collections both nationally and internationally from El Salvador to England to New York and all throughout the United States. He is also a published author with his first coffee table book "A Perfect Day for Poetry & Art".


His style; bold, avant-garde, eclectic, energetic and unmistakably genuine. Painting intuitively, mostly by impulse, he will organically bring to life powerful and moving masterpieces that evoke emotion and artistic expression. Not shying away from challenges, DeCaro's dynamic and diverse styles range from Abstract Expressionism to Romantic Realism to Surreal Impressionism and everywhere in between. Oftentimes, his style finds a way of tiptoeing along the lines of the subconscious and surreal plains while dueling with palette knives and color compositions in a continuing battle for artistic supremacy. "I try to paint within a complimentary color scheme of visible brushstrokes, heavy textures and vibrant colors to create an overall dramatic narrative of visual coexistence," said DeCaro. Christopher "ORAced" DeCaro's paintings and poems embody the result of a true Artist transcending boundaries of life as a visual artistic expression.     


Christopher DeCaro has been painting artwork and creating poetry, professionally, for over 25 years. As a young child, DeCaro, had found many inspirations in the many facets of life from nature to friendships. However, there was no inspiration that was greater than his father's old Wine Cellar where he and his brother would go every day to play hide and seek. Looking at all the dusty collections of wine bottles that engaged all his senses, it was love at first sight.  The amazing ornate labels, designs and colors combined with an old world personality were mesmerizing to the young soon to be artist. Unfortunately, tragedy would claim his father at an early age but those fleeting memories of the wine bottles translate into symbolic sentimental daydreams in his Surreal Impressionist Series.


 DeCaro started out his career in college, where he freelanced his skills as a commissioned Portrait Painter, Poet and Sketch Artist, all, while studying to be an Interior Architect & Designer. After graduation, he balanced these multiple careers for over seven years, managing to keep his love of architecture and his passion for art & poetry, separate but equal.

It wasn’t, however, until the summer of 2001 that these styles would finally collide and a major blessing & burnout would simultaneously occur. Christopher quit his design job, put his paintings & poetry on hold, flew off to Europe, married his fiancé in Venice, traveled through fourteen different countries and finally found the missing component that bridged together all his true loves.
The missing component was Venice, Italy. The inspiration and location for his first official Artist Series, The Venice Series-Limited Editions by DeCaro. The only location that could inspire DeCaro’s new style of art; Poetic European Realism. (The immersion of detailed European life & its architecture painted onto canvas with the romance of poetry and the beauty of symbolism as a compliment).           


Artist "ORAced" is Born


 ORAced was born in the Abstract & Impressionist subconscious

 of Artist: Christopher DeCaro.  Known as a master of finely

detailed and Realism artwork as a young professional painter, DeCaro, took a complete detour into the colorful realm of the whimsically unknown. 

This realm frees the mind from decisions of detail that are black

and white to the unlimited array of bold and brilliant unpredictable



So opposite is this new style for Artist: DeCaro, that he even

signs his name in reverse, which is where the name "ORAced"

is derived from. A playful and multifaceted off-the-cuff alter ego.


Painting Abstract and Surreal  


 The Surreal Impressionist style for Christopher “ORAced” DeCaro

 carries into many of the fluid and imaginative worlds that relate to the

surreal mind. Soft and bold colors intertwine into an underlying layer

of reality. For example, in the painting “Vino, Tuscany Style” a day dream

 of Tuscany on a warm sunny day fills the background as a simple bottle

of Vino is waiting to be opened. The day carries on until the heat of the

 sun almost forces the Vino bottle to open itself up and drink.


“Impressionism is a dream painted onto canvas, opening windows to

 the subconscious realm where there are no restrictions and unlimited

possibilities. The Artist is at the mercy of what his mind will conjure up”

 says ORAced.


Balance & harmony through an abstract world of complementary color

along with fluid & soothing lines through an impressionist world of surreal

color, will keep one's eyes guessing and begs the question; What will happen

next with Artist: Christopher “ORAced” DeCaro?


Guided by a surreal and colorful energy, ORAced, creates

each painting in his Abstract Series with a specific emotion in mind.

For example, the painting known as "Abstract Tears" offers a deep look

into a fragmented level of sadness that we all feel and often

try to ignore in our lives. “By understanding sadness as a

normal emotion that we as human beings face, we can move on

from there to understanding it's counterpart, happiness" says ORAced.


“ Painting in Abstract & Impressionist styles, allows the Artist

to open up windows to the subconscious realm where there are

no restrictions and unlimited possibilities. The Artist is at the

mercy of what his mind will conjure up” says ORAced.

Today, Christopher "ORAced" DeCaro’s artwork & poetry can be seen in galleries, homes and restaurants throughout Southern California, across the country and around the world. And now, he has the wonderful opportunity to bring them all to you online at 

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